Jailbreak games

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Here's a list of IF games where, at some point, the protagonist has to break out from a jail cell.

Please give some indication how far into the game the jailbreak occurs.

Jailbreak Games

Related Games

  • All Hope Abandon (Eric Eve; 2005; TADS 3). About two-thirds of the way in the game, you will be imprisoned in a burial cave and cajoled to escape.
  • The Last Hour (Roberto Grassi; 2004; ADRIFT 4). Begins in "The Cell", but there's no jailbreak. That's not what this game's about.
  • Sardoria (Anssi Raisanen; 2003; Alan). Begins in "Wine Cellar". Something of a borderline case; the PC is imprisoned in the cellar by the castle guards, presumably because either there isn't a proper cell handy or the guards haven't been taught what to do with prisoners.

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