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The sixty-fourth Speed-IF, New New Year's Speed IF, ran during December 2008, and was a sequel of sorts to the New Year's Speed in 2007. The organizer was Taleslinger. The usual "speed" requirements were dropped for this event, as were the usual content restrictions. The only real concern was that the games be playable via the Floyd bot on ifMud.


Hi! Last year, we had a Speed IF with New Year themed games written especially for the purpose of being played on Clubfloyd. We'd like to do that again. If you're interested, the rules are as follows: None, but a New Year, or maybe even just a "new beginning" theme would be cool. Also, keep in mind that Floyd doesn't run exotic languages or fancy screen effects. Games should be submitted by Dec 26th, and will be played on Dec 28th. Sign below if you're interested, and most importantly, have fun.


The games, as planned, were first seen on December 28, 2008, during a ClubFloyd session:

Download or view contents of, at the IF Archive - All the entered games.



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