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New Year's Speed
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The sixty-first Speed-IF was opened on Sunday, December 23rd, 2007 and ran all week until Sunday, December 30th, 2007, and then all the games were played by ClubFloyd that day. The organizer of this Speed-IF was Jacqueline A. Lott.



Write a New Year's-themed speed IF which incorporates eggnog spiked with mice, a party crashed by Adolf Hitler, and a resolution to lazily masticate all sandwiches. Extra props for including a swanky, benoodled golf cart.

Finished speeds should be e-mailed to Jacqueline and are due on Saturday night by midnight Alaska time (That's 4am Sunday morning EDT, or 9am Sunday GMT). They will be uploaded to Floyd the following morning and some or all of them will be played as part of Club Floyd on Sunday, December 30th. The deadline's pretty hard and fast on this one due to our aim for ClubFloyd, but you get a whole week to do it, so... go!

(Please sign below if you're planning to participate, and note that if you want your game to be played on ClubFloyd it must be written in Inform, TADS, or Hugo.)


All games released on 30-Dec-2007.

Download or view contents of, at the IF Archive - The entire collection.



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