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The sixtieth Speed-IF ran on the weekend of August 24-26, 2007, the same weekend as the IntroComp 2007 awards ceremony. The organizer of this Speed-IF was Sam Kabo Ashwell a.k.a. maga.


The dastardly Francophones have stolen the Spirit of Speed-IF; now, our hero must journey to a francophone land in order to retrieve it. Bonus points for including a T'ang dynasty ashtray, a preserved homunculus, phlogiston, an especially fearsome goat, the taste of defeat, and/or 9-dimensional creme brulee. Entries due in by Sunday night (Aug 26 2007). Sign below with download info when done.

(Note: This premise is a joking reference to the creation of French Speed-IF 2007, and that production of English Speed-IF has been in decline in recent years.)



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