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David Cornelson, 2022

David Cornelson once tried to build an IF publishing company called Textfyre That endeavor is now closed. Some of the remnants of Textfyre include web-based platform tools for Inform 7 using Glulx-TypeScript, FyreVM-Web, and TypeScript, and ReactJS. His IF related endeavors remain on hold until he has time and resources to work on stories and tools.

Note: David 's nickname is Dave on ifMUD; formerly, it was Jarb.

Author Credits

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Organizational Credits

  • Original host/maintainer of plover.net and IFLibrary.com. Plover was maintained by Peter Seebach from 2005 to 2007 and in September of 2007, plover.net returned to David's basement. In 2013, Plover was moved to the cloud on linode.com. IFLibrary.com was retired in favor of Baf's Guide.
  • Creator of this IFWiki.
  • Owner/CEO of Textfyre.

Game Appearances

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IF Aspirations

  • Build a new platform using separation of concerns ideals, fluent syntax, and separate game and user interface capabilities similar to how FyreVM's Channel IO works. A key feature would be separating how text is emitted. Instead of the game engine "printing" text in a stream throughout a "turn", it would gather all of the intended information to be emitted and once the game turn is completed, hand off text construction and emission to an external process.
  • Implement a platform that publishes to WebAssembly.
  • Complete works-in-progress