The Non-Comp Review Project

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The Non-Comp Review Project was a project begun by Greg Boettcher. Peter Mattsson was to take it over in 2006, but it did not actually continue past 2005. The goal of the project was to review every IF game that was not entered in a competition for the given year, although AIF games and games not available in English were usually excluded.

The production schedule was roughly:

  • A rough list of the year's games was assembled around the end of August. People who had expressed an interest in reviewing were contacted and asked which games they'd like to review.
  • Reviews were written and submitted to Greg from September to December. The list of titles was also updated as new games were released, and more people were contacted if needed.
  • The entire collection of reviews was published both on Greg's site and on the newsgroup as soon as reasonable in January of the new year.