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Aggregated blogs

Blogs by groups and organizations

Note: Most of the group blogs listed below are about computer games in general and only occasionally post about IF.

  • Caltrops (link, rss, "interactive fiction").
    "Caltrops is a web site about videogames. It was founded in the western United States in 2002 by Entropy Stew, a programmer, Fussbett Sanitario, an artist, and Senor Barborito, a man of varied talents."
  • CASA: The Classic Adventures Solution Archive (link).
    "The site covers all 8-bit and 16-bit formats, and the entire range of games from the earliest titles to modern Interactive Fiction, with emphasis on older titles."

Blogs by individuals

  • Brass Lantern (link, rss) by Stephen Granade.
    "[Brass Lantern's] goals were threefold: 1. Act as a repository for writings about adventure games [...] 2. Make available to readers the latest news and goings-on in the community. 3. Maintain a reduced collection of links to other adventure game resources"
  • Eamon Adventurer's Guild Online (link) by Matthew.
    "The Eamon Adventurer's Guild Online website is designed to be a comprehensive information source and archive for Eamon adventures. This blog consists of both news about Eamon and my random thoughts about Eamon and the Eamon website."
  • Farming the Apocalypse (link) by Gravel.
    "Design and documentation journal for my interactive fiction (text games); also reviews and other miscellaneous stuff."
  • Horace Torys (link).
    This blog was active from June 2010 to April 2011 and is now on indefinite hiatus.
  • Ludus Novus (link, rss) by Gregory Weir.
    "Ludus Novus is a podcast and accompanying blog dedicated to interactive art, including interactive fiction, digital games, and roleplaying."
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