Best Technical Implementation (Erins)

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From the 2005 ballot for Best Technical Implementation:

Award to the game that had the cleanest technical implementation, meaning fewest bugs, best vocabulary, best interactivity and fewest missing objects.

From the 2005 ballot for Most Innovative Game:

Award to the game that presented something new to AIF, either in terms of its story or its technical presentation or its making the most of the chosen software program. In other words, what game best pushed the AIF envelope?

Note: This page combines both Best Technical Implementation and Best Use of Medium awards since they appear to be similar in concept. In fact, both terms were combined for the 2004 Erins. In 2005, the two concepts were split again into Best Technical Implementation (a.k.a. Best Technical Implementation - Fewest Bugs) and Most Innovative Game (a.k.a. Best Technical Implementation - Innovation).

Best Technical Implementation/Best Use of Medium/Most Innovative


Note: A "first age game" was written prior to 2000; a "new age game" is one written on or after 2000.






Note: There was no Erins 2008.