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Determining the Title

These guidelines are from highest precedence to lowest:

  • Author's wishes first. Authors of games have final say over what the "real" or "true" title of their games are. If an author has made a public statement specifically addressing what the game should be called, please go with that.
  • This is the original version trumps translation rule: When multiple versions are released non-simultaneouly by the same author, and the games are in different languages, go with the earliest language version.
  • This is the base name rule: When multiple versions are released non-simultaneously by the same author, and the game titles share a common base name (excluding appended clarifications), use the base name as the game's title.
  • When multiple versions of a game are released by different authors (usually as translations or ports), the preferred title is that which the original author used last.
  • Story file overrules additional materials. When the story file gives one version of the title, and additional files such as a readme.txt file or walkthrough suggest a different version of the name, go with what the story file used.
  • Pure text overrules text embedded in graphics. When the title card graphic within the game mismatches the text in the game, go with the text.
  • Banner or Version text overrules 'about' text or title screen text.
  • If the story file itself does not name the game, then it is permissible to determine the game title from other sources.
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  • If no title can be found for the game, then refer to it as "untitled". The page name for an untitled game should be of the form "untitled (story-file-name)", e.g.: untitled (onion2.gam).

Really Long Titles, Title Extensions, and Subtitles



Accented characters


Conflicting page names


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