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The sidekick is a role that a character might play within a work of interactive fiction. The NPC as sidekick can be recognized by his subservient relationship to the PC and the sidekick's habit of staying with the PC; either the sidekick continually follows the PC or the PC carries the sidekick. Together, the PC and his sidekick form a small team.

The inanimate analogy of a sidekick is a multipurpose tool. The player might think of the sidekick to be part of her inventory, and expect that the sidekick's attributes and talents could be used to help solve some of the game's puzzles. Sidekicks are generally very amiable with the PC and are often more willing to follow the PC's orders than other NPCs.

Sidekicks typically have multiple uses within a game.

  • Sidekicks provide impromptu commentary which may contain backstory information, suggestions, hints, direction, humor, or praise.
  • Sidekicks may be more resilient or lucky than the PC and be able to take greater risks.
  • Small sidekicks might be able to squeeze through tight openings, or be thrown to reach out of reach objects.
  • Sidekicks may have a specialized talent that is useful in limited situations.
  • Sidekicks can carry out actions that are unfair to expect the player to think of.
  • Sidekicks can effectively let the player character be in two places at once, with the sidekick in a second location as the PC's proxy.

Examples of Sidekicks

Notably unusual examples of sidekicks: