List of holiday games

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Games that have some connection to a holiday. For the purposes of this list, "holiday" can mean any special or notable day of the year. Holidays are listed in calendar date order, starting with holidays in January.

Some games listed here will have only a tenuous connection to a holiday. Feel free to note whether a game is strongly or weakly associated with the holiday in question.

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New Year's

Games set on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day.


See also Easter tagged games at IFDB.

Mother's Day


Note: Don't list every horror game here. Make sure the games listed here have something to do with Hallowe'en.

For Hallowe'en events, see: Ectocomp, German Speed-IF 1 (2002), Halloween Ghost Story Contest, Speed-IF 2 (1998), Speed-IF 14 (2000), Speed-IF Halloween 2002, and Speed-IF Third Anniversary (2001).

See also: halloween tagged games at IFDB.



See also: Christmas tagged games at IFDB.