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ifMUD is a perl based mud where many regular and longtime IF community members chat. Although the ifMUD allows for regular mud features, it is mostly used as a chat server. You can sign up for an account at

ifMUD was founded in 1997, and its original host was Liza Daly (Liza). For several years, John Cater (katre) hosted ifMUD on a server in his basement. In the evening of December 5, 2010, ifMUD moved yet again to Justin de Vesine's (vimes's) virtual basement at

Notable Locations on the ifMUD

A simple map showing how ifMUD's more notable rooms are connected to each other.
  • Adventurer's Lounge. This is where most people come to chat, 99.9% of the time. To get here, just type in a "lounge" command. The lounge's name and description changes on an irregular basis, but it's still the Lounge. Also notable for Alex, a useful parrot "bot" that can answer questions like "who is inky?" and "what is a corknut?"
  • Dorm A. The default home for new player characters.
  • Massive Auditorium. This is mostly used for the XYZZY Awards ceremonies, but it's also been used for announcing the IntroComp and Erins winners.
  • Toyshop and Floyditorium. There's several toys and gizmos here, but the main attraction is Floyd, a bot that lets people play an IF game together, and offers some non-IF games like Werewolf as well. See also: ClubFloyd.
  • Edifice Towers. A large eleven story apartment complex, where players can create their own apartments, if they wish.
  • The 'Carousel Room' Bar & Grill. The Bar has sometimes been used as an interview site. In recent years, it's used as an extra place to chat after an XYZZY Awards ceremony.
  • Spoiler Room. A room in which people can discuss games without risk of spoiling them for others. Mostly used during the IF Comp to abide by the judging rules.

Events on ifMUD

  • ClubFloyd meets most Sunday afternoons for group playing a game of IF. Occasionally, NightFloyd meets on Thursday nights to do much the same.
  • Theory Club meets once a month on a Saturday to discuss theory.
  • XYZZY Awards and IntroComp have their award ceremonies on ifMUD every year, and sometimes, the Erins as well.
  • Most Speed-IF minicomps started or were run on ifMUD.
  • April 1st is a day when strange things can happen on ifMUD.
  • Sometimes role-playing games are run on ifMUD.
  • Sometimes spontaneous games of Werewolf are run.
  • Every five years or so, unprotected accounts that have been unused for three years or longer may be purged from the system.

Quests on ifMUD

Some authors have written interactive quests that can be accessed from ifMUD. If you say "Quests?" to Alex the parrot, he will list some quests.

Emergency Backup Mud 2

If ifMUD is down for whatever reason, people may log onto ebMUD2, the Emergency Backup Mud 2, at port 4000. Thanks, schep!

ebMUD2 is a completely separate mud with its own playerset and a different geography, though, so users must sign up all over again or use a guest account to use it. The command "connect guest guest" is how to casually log on there.

If ebMUD2 is down, try Guncho at port 4108.

Previous backup muds

In past years, there were other backup muds: Fink-Nottle's newtMud, David Cornelson's daveMud, testMud, and Allen's ebMUD.

ebMUD, the Emergency Backup Mud, used to be at, port 4000. It was a completely separate mud with its own playerset and a different geography, though, so users had to sign up all over again or use a guest account to use it. The "lounge" command took players to the firepit there. On March 6th, 2008, shut down permanently. Allen,'s maintainer said, "Due to misuse by a coworker, I have to disallow access to nitfol to anyone outside the company."

Recommended Telnet Clients

Windows: BeipMU and Potato (the latter also available for Linux and Mac OS X) are both free, lightweight, have "keepalive" settings, and allow replacing text with style changes (especially useful for ClubFloyd play).

Android: Mukluk (available in the Google Play Store) looks nice and properly supports using semicolons for the ifMUD's channel system.

Other platforms to be added...


Occasionally, some members of ifMUD will get together and meet in person; this is a "mudmeet". Sometimes short games are created at mudmeets, for example: Pick Up the Phone Booth and Aisle in 2001, the games of Summer Beachmeet 2002 Comp in 2002, and the games of PAX Speed-IF at PAX East 2010.

Game Appearances

ifMUD settings or characters have appeared in: