25th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition

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Competition Schedule

As per the "about the Competition" webpage:

  • July 1, 2019: Competition website opens for intents to enter.
  • September 1, 2019: Last day to submit intents.
  • September 28, 2019: Last day to submit entries.
  • October 1, 2019: Games are released to the public, and voting begins.
  • November 15, 2019: Voting deadline. Competition results are announced shortly afterwards.

All deadlines are at 11:59 PM Eastern time on the given dates.


Results were announced on 17-Nov-2019:

  1. Zozzled (Steph Cherrywell; Glulx).
  2. Turandot (Victor Gijsbers; Web browser).
  3. Chuk and the Arena (Agnieszka Trzaska; Web browser).
  4. Sugarlawn (Mike Spivey; Glulx).
  5. Heretic's Hope (G.C. Baccaris; Web browser).
  6. robotsexpartymurder (Hanon Ondricek; Web browser).
  7. Night Guard / Morning Star (Astrid Dalmady; Web browser).
  8. Limerick Heist (Pace Smith; Web browser).
  9. Poppet (Bitter Karella; Quest).
  10. Skies Above (Arthur DiBianca; Glulx).
  11. Dungeon Detective 2: Devils and Details (Wonaglot; Web browser).
  12. Dull Grey (Provodnik Games; Web browser) tied with
    Skybreak! (William Dooling; Web browser).
  13. Remedial Witchcraft (dgtziea; Glulx).
  14. Saint City Sinners (dgallagher; Web browser).
  15. Black Sheep (Nic Barkdull and Matt Borgard; Web browser).
  16. Frenemies (B F Lindsay; Glulx).
  17. Pirateship (Robin Johnson; Web browser).
  18. The good people (Pseudavid; Web browser).
  19. Under the Sea (Heike Borchers; Glulx).
  20. Very Vile Fairy File (Andrew Schultz as "Billy Boling"; Z-code).
  21. For the Moon Never Beams (J. Michael; Glulx).
  22. Truck Quest (Donald Conrad and Peter M.J. Gross; Web browser).
  23. Pas De Deux (Linus Åkesson; Z-code).
  24. Faerethia (Peter Eastman; Web browser).
  25. Enceladus (Robb Sherwin; Hugo).
  26. Clusterflux (Marshal Tenner Winter; Glulx).
  27. Each-uisge (Jac Colvin; Web browser).
  28. Break Stuff (Amy Clare Fontaine; Web browser).
  29. Gone Out for Gruyère (B F Lindsay; Glulx).
  30. The Four Eccentrics (Tim Wolfe and Caleb Wilson together as "Mild Cat Bean"; Glulx) tied with
    Hard Puzzle 4: The Ballad of Bob and Cheryl (Ade McT; Glulx).
  31. Girth Loinhammer and the Quest for the Unsee Elixir (Damon L. Wakes; Web browser).
  32. Old Jim's Convenience Store (Anssi Räisänen; Z-code).
  33. Flight of the CodeMonkeys (Mark C Marino; Web browser) tied with
    Río Alto: forgotten memories (Ambrosio).
  34. For the Cats (Lei; Web browser).
  35. Out (Viktor Sobol; Z-code).
  36. Island in the Storm (Rita Lester as "JSMaika").
  37. Iamb(ici) (Josée Cadaba as "Jo Lourdez"; Web browser).
  38. Winter Break at Hogwarts (Brian Davies; Glulx).
  39. Roads Not Taken (Doug Egan; Web browser).
  40. Summer Night City (ghoti; Web browser).
  41. Slugocalypse (Charlotte Blatchford; Web browser).
  42. URA Winner! (Carter Sande; Web browser) tied with
    Mental Entertainment (Thomas Hvizdos; Glulx).
  43. Language Arts (Jared Jackson; Web browser).
  44. The Legendary Hero Has Failed. (Tom Martin; Web browser).
  45. The Mysterious Stories of Caroline (Soham S; Web browser).
  46. The House on Sycamore Lane (Paul Michael Winters; Glulx).
  47. Jon Doe - Wildcard Nucleus (Olaf Nowacki; Glulx) tied with
    Planet C (Mark Carew).
  48. Treasure Hunt in the Amazon (Kenneth Pedersen and Niels Søndergaard).
  49. Let's Play: Ancient Greek Punishment: The Text Adventure (Pippin Barr; Glulx).
  50. Citizen of Nowhere (Luke A. Jones; Glulx).
  51. Rip Retold (Hipolito; Web browser).
  52. Eye Contact (Thomas McMullan; Web browser).
  53. Bradford Mansion (Lenard Gunda).
  54. Flygskam Simulator (Katie Benson; Web browser) tied with
    The Milgram Parable (Peter Eastman; Web browser).
  55. Valand (Ann Hoffmann; Web browser).
  56. Eldritch Everyday: The Third Eye (Naomi Z as "Norbez"; Web browser).
  57. De Novo (cyb3rmen; Web browser).
  58. The Shadow Witch (Healy; MS-Windows).
  59. Arram's Tomb (James Beck; Web browser).
  60. Fat Fair (AKheon; Glulx).
  61. The Surprise (Candy Meldromon; Web browser).
  62. Ocean Beach (James Banks; Glulx).
  63. The Ouroboros Trap (Chad Ordway; Web browser) tied with
    Abandon Them (Alan Beyersdorf).
  64. Meeting Robb Sherwin (Jizaboz; Z-code).
  65. The Call of the Shaman (Larry Horsfield).
  66. The Untold Story (Michael Pavano).
  67. Extreme Omnivore: Text Edition (Hazel Gold; Z-code).
  68. The Sweetest Honey (Mauro Couto; Web browser).
  69. Randomized escape (Yvan Uhlmann; Glulx).
  70. The Secret of Vegibal Island (ralf tauscher; Glulx).
  71. Alice Blue (Chris Selmys; Web browser).
  72. A Blue Like No Other (Dan Cox; Web browser).
  73. Bad Water (Waking Media; Web browser).
  74. The Chieftain (LeSUTHU; Web browser).
  75. Lucerne (Dimitri Kaviani; Web browser).

2019 Miss Congeniality Awards

These awards were voted by the authors of the entries.

  1. Sugarlawn (Mike Spivey; Glulx).
  2. Zozzled (Steph Cherrywell; Glulx).
  3. Skies Above (Arthur DiBianca; Glulx).