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IFComp 2017
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Competition Schedule

As per the "about the Competition" webpage:

  • July 1, 2018: Competition website opens for intents to enter.
  • September 1, 2017: Last day to submit intents.
  • September 28, 2017: Last day to submit entries.
  • October 1, 2017: Games are released to the public, and voting begins.
  • November 15, 2017: Voting deadline. Competition results are announced shortly afterwards.

All deadlines are at 11:59 PM Eastern time on the given dates.

2017 IF Comp Results

80 entries were released on October 1, 2017. Results were announced on November 17, 2017.

  1. The Wizard Sniffer (Buster Hudson).
  2. Eat Me (Chandler Groover).
  3. Harmonia (Liza Daly).
  4. Will Not Let Me Go (Stephen Granade).
  5. Absence of Law (mathbrush).
  6. The Owl Consults (Thomas Mack, Nick Mathewson, and Cidney Hamilton).
  7. A Beauty Cold and Austere (Mike Spivey).
  8. 1958: Dancing With Fear (Víctor Ojuel).
  9. Future Threads (Xavid).
  10. Domestic Elementalism (fireisnormal).
  11. The Wand (Arthur DiBianca).
  12. Alice Aforethought (Hanon Ondricek).
  13. Word of the Day (Richard Otter).
  14. Guttersnipe: St. Hesper's Asylum for the Criminally Mischievous (Bitter Karella).
  15. Charlie The Robot (Fernando Contreras).
  16. Tuuli (Daurmith Eaglenest and Ruber Eaglenest).
  17. Insignificant Little Vermin (Filip Hráček).
  18. The Unofficial Sea-Monkey(R) Simulation (B.J. Best).
  19. Rage Quest: Disciple of Peace (John Ayliff).
  20. Unit 322 (Disambiguation) (Jonny Muir).
  21. Swigian (Mathbrush as "Rainbus North"), tied with
    Harbinger (Kenna).
  22. 10pm (litrouke).
  23. Just Get the Treasure v0.9.1 (Ray B.).
  24. The Traveller (Kaelan Doyle Myerscough).
  25. Transient Skies (dgtziea), tied with
    VR Gambler (Robert DeFord), and tied with
    Deshaun Steven's Ship Log (Marie L. Vibbert).
  27. Salt (Gareth Damian Martin).
  28. Fake News (Mike Sousa).
  29. Off the Rails (Katie Benson).
  30. Redstone (Fred Snyder), tied with
    Black Marker (Michael Kielstra).
  31. A Castle of Thread (Marshal Tenner Winter).
  32. Bookmoss (Devon Guinn).
  33. Day of the Djinn (paperyowl), tied with
    Rainbow Bridge (Brian Kwak as "John Demeter").
  34. The Cube in the Cavern (Andrew Schultz).
  35. The Very Old Witch and the Turnip Girl (Megan Stevens), tied with
    The skinny one. (Annie Z.).
  36. Goodbye Cruel Squirrel (George K. George as "Extra Mayonnaise").
  37. Measureless to Man (Ivan R.).
  38. NIGHTBOUND (ProP).
  39. Hexteria Skaxis Qiameth (Gabriel Floriano).
  40. Behind the Door (Tatiana Statsenko as "eejitlikeme").
  41. Ultimate Escape Room: IF City (Mark Stahl).
  42. Nyna Lives (Sarah Rhiannon Nowack).
  43. The Dream Self (Florencia Minuzzi).
  44. What Once Was (Luke A. Jones).
  45. Into The Dark (Byron Kiernan).
  46. The Castle of Vourtram (Alexandre Torres), tied with
    Something (Linus Lekander).
  47. Grue (Charles Mangin).
  48. The Richard Mines (Evan Wright).
  49. One way out (Steffen Görzig).
  50. TextCraft: Alpha Island (Fabrizio Polo).
  51. Land of the Mountain King (Kenneth Pedersen), tied with
    A common enemy (David de Torres Huerta).
  52. a partial list of things for which i am grateful (Devon Guinn), tied with
    Inevitable (Matthew Pfeiffer).
  53. Antiquest (Anton Lastochkin).
  54. Moon Base (Andrew Brown).
  55. The Living Puppet (Liu Zian).
  56. The Dragon Will Tell You Your Future Now (Newsreparter).
  57. 8 Shoes on the Shelves (Marc Duane).
  58. Mikayla's Phone (Angie Cornelson as "Mikayla Corolik").
  59. A Walk In The Park (George K. George as "Extra Mayonnaise").
  60. The Adventure of Esmeralda and Ruby on the Magical Island (Marco "Erik108" Anastasio).
  61. Queer In Public: A Brief Essay (Naomi Z as "Norbez").
  62. The Fifth Sunday (Tom Broccoli).
  63. Temperamentum (Matthew Sawchuk).
  64. My night (Ivsaez).
  65. The Silver Gauntlets (Jean-Paul Peschard).
  66. Escape from Terra (Mike Gerwat).
  67. Étude Circulár (Adam Black).
  68. The Murder in the Fog (Xiao Ru).
  69. Haunted P (Chet Rocketfrak as "Chad Rocketman").
  70. Run of the place (WDx1F479K).


2017 Miss Congeniality Awards

These awards were voted by the authors of the entries.

  1. The Wizard Sniffer (Buster Hudson).
  2. Will Not Let Me Go (Stephen Granade).
  3. Domestic Elementalism (fireisnormal).



See also: "IFComp 2017 Reviewer links thread" at intfiction.org; "IFComp 2017 reviews huge spreadsheet" by Ruber Eaglenest and others (posted at intfiction.org).

Individual Game Discussion

Discussion threads for individual comp entries at the intfiction.org community forum:

Author Commentary

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