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IFComp 2014
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Competition Schedule

As per the competition schedule webpage.

Deadlines are at 11:59 P.M. Eastern Standard Time on the day listed above.

2014 IF Comp Results

42 games were released on October 1, 2014. Results were announced on November 16, 2014:

  1. Hunger Daemon (Sean M. Shore; Inform (Glulx)).
  2. Creatures Such as We (Lynnea Glasser; Web).
  3. Jacqueline, Jungle Queen! (Steph Cherrywell; Quest).
  4. AlethiCorp (Simon Christiansen; Web).
  5. With Those We Love Alive (Porpentine, Brenda Neotenomie; Web).
  6. Fifteen Minutes (Ade; Inform (Z-code)).
  7. Missive (Joey Fu; Web).
  8. Eidolon (A.D. Jansen; Web).
  9. Krypteia (Kateri; Web).
  10. Tea Ceremony (Naomi Hinchen; Inform (Z-code)).
  11. Transparent (Hanon Ondricek; Inform (Glulx)).
  12. Enigma (Simon Deimel; Inform (Z-code)).
  13. Venus Meets Venus (kaleidofish; Web).
  14. The Entropy Cage (Emmanuel King Turner as "Stormrose"; Web).
  15. Raik (Harry Giles; Web).
  16. The Black Lily (Hannes Schueller; Inform (Z-code)).
  17. The Contortionist (Nicholas Stillman; Web).
  18. Ugly Oafs (Andrew Schultz as "Perry Creel"; Inform (Glulx)).
  19. Jesse Stavro's Doorway (Marshal Tenner Winter; Inform (Glulx)).
  20. Following Me (Tia Orisney; Web).
  21. Tower (Simon Deimel; Inform (Z-code)).
  22. Paradox Corps (John Evans; Web).
  23. Zest (Fear of Twine (Richard Goodness, lectronice, PaperBlurt); Web).
  24. Unform (S. Elize Morgan; Web).
  25. Origins (Vincent Zeng, Chris Martens; Web).
  26. HHH.exe (Robot Parking; Web).
  27. And yet it moves (Orion Zymaris; Glulx).
  28. Begscape (Porpentine; Web).
  29. The Urge (PaperBlurt; Web).
  30. Milk Party Palace (Alon Karmi and Glenn Parker; Web).
  31. Icepunk (page13oy; Web).
  32. Caroline (Kristian Kronstrand; Web).
  33. The Secret Vaults of Kas the Betrayer (A.E. Jackson; Web), tied with
    Building the Right Stuff (Laura Mitchell; Windows executable).
  34. Excelsior (Arthur DiBianca; Inform (Z-code)).
  35. Hill 160 (Mike Gerwat; Inform (Glulx)).
  36. One Night Stand (Giannis G. Georgiou; Web).
  37. Slasher Swamp (Robot; Windows Executable).
  38. Arqon (H. J. Hoke; Inform (Glulx)).
  39. Inward Narrow Crooked Lanes (B Minus Seven; Web).
  40. Sigmund's Quest (Gregor Holtz; Web).
  41. Laterna Magica (Jens Byriel; Web).

2014 Miss Congeniality Awards

These awards were voted by the authors of the entries.

  1. Hunger Daemon (Sean M. Shore; Inform (Glulx)).
  2. Krypteia (Kateri; Web).
  3. Missive (Joey Fu; Web).



SPOILER WARNING: the following links contain (potentially spoilery) reviews of games from this IF Comp. You might prefer to wait until you've played the games before reading them, if you intend to judge the competition and don't want to be influenced.

See also: Places Where You Can Find Comp Reviews.

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