21st Annual Interactive Fiction Competition

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Competition Schedule

As per the "about the Competition" webpage:

  • July 1: The web site is open for authors to declare their intents.
  • September 1: Deadline for submission of intents.
  • September 28: Deadline for entries.
  • October 1: Entries released to the public.
  • November 15: Voting deadline.

Deadlines are at 11:59 P.M. Eastern Standard Time on the dates listed above.

2015 IF Comp Results

55 games were released on October 1, 2015. Results were announced on November 16, 2015:

  1. Brain Guzzlers from Beyond! (Steph Cherrywell; Glulx).
  2. Map (Ade; Glulx).
  3. Midnight. Swordfight. (Chandler Groover; Glulx).
  4. Birdland (Brendan Patrick Hennessy; Twine).
  5. Cape (Bruno Dias; Raconteur).
  6. Sub Rosa (Joey Jones, Melvin Rangasamy; Glulx).
  7. Scarlet Sails (Felicity Banks; ChoiceScript).
  8. Untold Riches (Jason Ermer; Glulx).
  9. Final Exam (Jack Whitham; Z-code).
  10. Ether (Mathbrush; Glulx).
  11. Arcane Intern (Unpaid) (Astrid Dalmady; Twine).
  12. Darkiss - Chapter 1: the Awakening (Marco Vallarino; Z-code).
  13. Life On Mars? (Hugo Labrande; Z-code).
  14. Nowhere Near Single (kaleidofish; Twine).
  15. Koustrea's Contentment (Jeremy Pflasterer; TADS).
  16. Onaar (Robert DeFord; Alan).
  17. The Sueño (Marshal Tenner Winter; Glulx).
  18. Summit (Phantom Williams; Twine).
  19. The Baker of Shireton (Hanon Ondricek; Glulx).
  20. Gotomomi (Arno von Borries; Glulx).
  21. TOMBs of Reschette (Richard Goodness; Twine), tied with
    Grandma Bethlinda's Variety Box (Arthur DiBianca; Z-code).
  22. Kane County (Michael Sterling, Tia Orisney; Web browser).
  23. The Problems Compound (Andrew Schultz; Glulx).
  24. Switcheroo (The Marino Family; Undum).
  25. Duel (piato; Twine), tied with
    Crossroads (Cat Manning; Twine).
  26. Unbeknown (Alan DeNiro; Twine).
  27. SPY INTRIGUE (furkle; Twine).
  28. Laid Off from the Synesthesia Factory (Katherine Morayati; Glulx).
  29. I Think The Waves Are Watching Me (Bob McCabe; Web browser).
  30. 5 Minutes to Burn Something! (Alex Butterfield; Z-code).
  31. To Burn in Memory (Orihaus; Web browser).
  32. Forever Meow (Moe Zilla; Web browser).
  33. Capsule II - The 11th Sandman (PaperBlurt; Twine).
  34. Second Story (Fred Snyder; Gamefic).
  35. The Insect Massacre (Tom Delanoy; Twine).
  36. In The Friend Zone (Brendan Vance; Web browser).
  37. Seeking Ataraxia (Glass Rat Media; Twine).
  38. GROWBOTICS (Cha Holland; Twine).
  39. A Figure Met in a Shaded Wood (Michael Thomét; Twine).
  40. The King and the Crown (Wes Lesley; Z-code).
  41. The Speaker (Norbez; Twine), tied with
    Pilgrimage (Víctor Ojuel; Glulx).
  42. Pit of the Condemned (Matthew Holland; Z-code).
  43. Taghairm (Chandler Groover; Twine).
  44. Cat Scratch (Allyn (Yilling) Chen, Hannah Turner, Laura Weber, Shirley Park; Unity).
  45. Much Love, BJP (Megan Stevens; Twine), tied with
    Questor's Quest (Mark Stahl; Web browser).
  46. Grimm's Godfather (WaffleShuai; Ren'Py).
  47. Recorded (Nick Junius; Glulx).
  48. The Man Who Killed Time (Claudia Doppioslash; Inklewriter).
  49. The War of the Willows (Adam Bredenberg; Python).


2015 Miss Congeniality Awards

These awards were voted by the authors of the entries.

  1. Midnight. Swordfight. (Chandler Groover; Glulx).
  2. Sub Rosa (Joey Jones, Melvin Rangasamy; Glulx).
  3. Summit (Phantom Williams; Twine).



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