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IFComp 2001
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The 7th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition was organized by Stephen Granade.

2001 IF Comp Results

  1. All Roads (Jon Ingold; Z-code).
  2. Moments Out of Time (L. Ross Raszewski; Z-code).
  3. Heroes (Sean Barrett; Z-code).
  4. No Time To Squeal (Mike Sousa and Robb Sherwin; TADS 2).
  5. The Beetmonger's Journal (Scott Starkey; TADS 2).
  6. Vicious Cycles (Simon Mark; Z-code).
  7. Best of Three (Emily Short; Glulx).
  8. Earth and Sky (Paul O'Brian as "Lee Kirby"; Z-code).
  9. Triune (Papillon; TADS 2).
  10. Film at Eleven (Bowen Greenwood; Z-code).
  11. Prized Possession (Kathleen M. Fischer; Z-code).
  12. Journey from an Islet (Mario Becroft; TADS 2).
  13. Grayscale (Daniel Freas; TADS 2).
  14. The Chasing (Anssi Raisanen; Alan).
  15. The Coast House (Stephen Newton and Dan Newton; TADS 2).
  16. A Night Guest (Valentine Kopteltsev; TADS 2); tied with
    Carma (Marnie Parker; Glulx).
  17. Fusillade (Mike Duncan; TADS 2); tied with
    Fine Tuned (Dennis Jerz; Z-code).
  18. The Evil Sorcerer (Gren Remoz; Z-code).
  19. The Gostak (Carl Muckenhoupt; Z-code).
  20. The Isolato Incident (Alan DeNiro; Alan).
  21. Crusade (John Gorenfeld; Z-code).
  22. 2112 (George K. Algire; MS-Windows).
  23. You Are Here (Roy Fisher; Z-code).
  24. Elements (John Evans; Z-code).
  25. The Cruise (Norman Perlmutter; TADS 2).
  26. Bane of the Builders (Bogdan Baliuc; Z-code); tied with
    To Otherwhere and Back (Greg Ewing; Alan).
  27. Stiffy Makane: The Undiscovered Country (Adam Thornton; Glulx).
  28. Kallisti (James Mitchelhill; TADS 2).
  29. Colours (J. Robinson Wheeler; Z-code); tied with
    The Cave of Morpheus (Mark Silcox; ADRIFT); and with
    Silicon Castles (David Given; Z-code).
  30. Timeout (Stephen Hilderbrand; Z-code).
  31. Begegnung am Fluss (Florian Edlbauer; T.A.G.). German.
  32. an apple from nowhere (Brendan Barnwell as "steven carbone"; Glulx); tied with
    Stranded (Rich Cummings; TADS 2).
  33. Schroedinger's Cat (James Willson; Z-code).
  34. Stick it to the man (Brendan Barnwell as "H. Joshua Field"; Glulx).
  35. Jump (Chris Mudd; Z-code).
  36. Volcano Isle (Paul DeWitt; TADS 2).
  37. Mystery Manor (Mystery; ADRIFT).
  38. Invasion of the Angora-fetish Transvestites from the Graveyards of Jupiter (Morten Rasmussen; MS-Windows).
  39. Surreal (Matthew Lowe; MS-DOS).
  40. Goofy (Ricardo Dague; Java).
  41. The Test (Matt (Dark Baron); ADRIFT).
  42. Lovesong (Mihalis Georgostathis; Quest).
  43. The Newcomer (Jason Love; Z-code).
  44. The Last Just Cause (Jeremy Carey-Dressler; MS-DOS).
  45. You Were Doomed From the Start (Jeremy Carey-Dressler; MS-DOS).

2001 Miss Congeniality Awards

These awards were voted by the authors of the entries.

  1. All Roads (Jon Ingold; Z-code).
  2. The Beetmonger's Journal (Scott Starkey; TADS 2).
  3. Vicious Cycles (Simon Mark; Z-code).



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