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To help IF listing sites (like Baf's Guide, Delron, IF Archive, IFDB, IFRO, ifwizz, Key & Compass, etc.) find articles about works of interactive fiction at IFWiki, and to help support IFIDs and the Treaty of Babel in general, we should create redirects of the form IFID:IFID to point to their appropriate work pages. That way, other IF sites do not have to learn what page names IFWiki uses for its articles, they only have to learn the works' IFIDs -- which they should start doing anyway.

Every IF listing site has its own ID codes of some sort; Baf's Guide had its "baf numbers", IFDB has its TUIDs, and so on. But IFIDs are supposed to be a more universal ID, independent of any particular site. If IFIDs are to be useful in the future, IFWiki and other IF sites have to start being able to refer to games by their IFIDs alone. Hopefully, creating this category and the pages in it will be a step in that direction.

Individual pages about lists of IFIDs in this category should have names of the form Works by IFID (prefix) or Works by IFID (prefix1 to prefix2).

Also, all IFIDs on these pages must be in UPPER CASE. Please and thank you.

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