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This is a list of works of interactive fiction sorted by the year in which each of them takes place. If the work doesn't explicitly name the year but we can still figure it out somehow, we should add a comment after the listing explaining how we know what year it is.

Time travel works like Jigsaw should probably be only listed once for now, preferably listed under the player character's time of origin. It is acceptable to add a comment listing all the years which the PC is able to visit.

Works that take place in the Zork universe ought not to be listed here; instead, please use the GUE article page to document what took place when in Zorkian history.

Games list

  • c. 1770s or 1780s: Savoir-Faire (Emily Short; 2002; Z-code). Although the exact year can not be determined, features such as the incomplete solar system model help place the game somewhen within the 18th century -- more precisely, in the 1770s or 1780s, according to this interview.
  • 1805: Blighted Isle (Eric Eve; 14-Jul-2007; TADS 3). Note: Although this game begins in 1805, it's somewhat less clear when the bulk of the game takes place.
  • 2010: Leadlight (Wade Clarke; 2010; Apple II and web browser). The game's introduction reveals the date to be August 14, 2010.
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