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IFComp 2011
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Competition Schedule

As per the competition schedule (archive) webpage.

Deadlines are at 11:59 P.M. Eastern Standard Time on the day listed above.

2011 IF Comp Results

38 games were released on October 1, 2011; results announced on November 16, 2011:

  1. Taco Fiction (Ryan Veeder; Glulx).
  2. Six (Wade Clarke; Glulx).
  3. The Play (Dietrich Squinkifer, writing as Deirdra Kiai; Web browser).
  4. Escape From Santaland (Jason Ermer; Z-code).
  5. PataNoir (Simon Christiansen; Glulx).
  6. The Life (and Deaths) of Doctor M (Michael Hilborn as "Edmund Wells"; Glulx).
  7. Beet the Devil (Carolyn VanEseltine; Glulx).
  8. Kerkerkruip (Victor Gijsbers; Glulx).
  9. Cana According To Micah (Christopher Huang as "Rev. Stephen Dawson"; Z-code).
  10. A Comedy of Error Messages a.k.a. The Elfen Maiden (Adam Le Doux; Z-code).
  11. The Binary (Simon Mark as "Bloomengine"; Web browser).
  12. Tenth Plague (Lynnea Dally; Z-code).
  13. Cursed (Nick Rogers; ADRIFT 4), tied with
    Ted Paladin And The Case Of The Abandoned House (Anssi Raisanen; Alan).
  14. Cold Iron (Andrew Plotkin as "Lyman Clive Charles"; Z-code).
  15. It (Emily Boegheim; TADS 3).
  16. Andromeda Awakening (Marco Innocenti; Z-code).
  17. Keepsake (Savaric; Z-code).
  18. Sentencing Mr Liddell (I-K. Huuhtanen; Glulx).
  19. Calm (Joey Jones and Melvin Rangasamy; Glulx).
  20. The Guardian (Lutein Hawthorne; Z-code).
  21. The Hours (Robert Patten; Glulx).
  22. Blind (Andrew Metzger; TADS 2).
  23. The Myothian Falcon (Andy Joel; Quest 5).
  24. Last Day of Summer (Doug Orleans as "Cameron Fox"; Z-code).
  25. Death of Schlig (Peter Timony; Glulx).
  26. Fan Interference (Andrew Schultz; Glulx).
  27. Playing Games (Kevin Jackson-Mead as Pam Comfite; Glulx).
  28. How Suzy Got Her Powers (David Whyld; ADRIFT 4).
  29. Return to Camelot (Po. Prune; ADRIFT).
  30. Awake the Mighty Dread (Lyle Skains; Glulx).
  31. The Ship of Whimsy (U. N. Owen; Z-code).
  32. Operation Extraction (Ming-Yee Iu; Web browser).
  33. Professor Frank (Laurence Kilday; Z-code).
  34. Dead Hotel (Comazombie; MS-Windows).
  35. Fog Convict (Andrew Metzger; TADS 2).
  36. Luster (Jared Smith; Glulx).
  37. Vestiges (Joanna Houston as "Josephine Wynter"; Z-code).

2011 Miss Congeniality Awards

These awards were voted by the authors of the entries.

  1. Taco Fiction (Ryan Veeder; Glulx).
  2. The Play (Dietrich Squinkifer, writing as Deirdra Kiai; Web browser).
  3. Kerkerkruip (Victor Gijsbers; Glulx), tied with
    The Life (and Deaths) of Doctor M (Michael Hilborn as "Edmund Wells"; Glulx).



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