13th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition

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The 13th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition is organized by Stephen Granade.

2007 IF Comp Schedule

  • April 1, 2007: The IF Comp 2007 site is open for business.
  • September 1: Intent deadline. Authors intending to enter the competition must sign up via the IF Comp database by the end of this date.
  • September 29: Submission deadline. Authors must upload their entries to the IF Comp website.
  • September 30: Games were released in the evening. Yay. Judging period begins.
  • November 15: Voting deadline.

Note: All deadlines are at 11:59 P.M. Eastern Standard Time for their given day.

2007 IF Comp Results

  1. Lost Pig (Admiral Jota as "Grunk"; Z-code).
  2. An Act of Murder (Christopher Huang as "Hugh Dunnett"; Z-code).
  3. Lord Bellwater's Secret (Sam Gordon; Z-code).
  4. Across The Stars (Dark Star and Peter Mattsson; Z-code).
  5. The Chinese Room (Joey Jones and Harry Giles; Glulx).
  6. Varkana (Maryam Gousheh-Forgeot as "Farahnaaz"; Glulx).
  7. A Fine Day for Reaping (James Webb a.k.a. "revgiblet"; ADRIFT).
  8. Orevore Courier (Brian Rapp; Z-code).
  9. My Name is Jack Mills (Juhana Leinonen; Z-code).
  10. A Matter of Importance (Valentine Kopteltsev as "Nestor I. McNaugh"; TADS 2).
  11. Ferrous Ring (Carma Ferris; Glulx).
  12. Deadline Enchanter (Alan DeNiro as Anonymous; Z-code).
  13. My Mind's Mishmash (Robert Street; ADRIFT).
  14. In The Mind Of The Master (David Whyld; ADRIFT).
  15. Gathered In Darkness (Michael Millsap as "Dr. Froth"; Quest).
  16. Fox, Fowl and Feed (Chris Conroy; Z-code).
  17. Wish (Edward Floren; Z-code).
  18. Packrat (Bill Powell; Z-code).
  19. Slap That Fish (Peter Nepstad; TADS 2).
  20. Jealousy Duel X (Alex Camelio; MS Windows, Macintosh).
  21. Beneath: a Transformation (Graham Lowther; Z-code).
  22. The Immortal (Just Rob; Z-code).
  23. Eduard the Seminarist (Heiko Theißen; Z-code).
  24. Press [Escape] to Save (Mark Jones; Z-code).
  25. Reconciling Mother (Glenn Engstrand as "Plone Glenn"; TADS 3).
  26. The Lost Dimension (C. Yong; MS Windows).
  27. Ghost of the Fireflies (Dunric; MS Windows).


2007 Miss Congeniality Awards

These awards were voted by the authors of the entries.

  1. Lost Pig (Admiral Jota as "Grunk"; Z-code).
  2. An Act of Murder (Christopher Huang as "Hugh Dunnett"; Z-code).
  3. Orevore Courier (Brian Rapp; Z-code).



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