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Game Releases

December 2011 Game Releases

November 2011 Game Releases

Thanksgiving Speed-IF

Thanksgiving Speed-IF released 6 games on 27-Nov:

October 2011 Game Releases

IF Comp 2011

IF Comp 2011 released 38 games on 01-Oct:

July 2011 Game Releases

IntroComp 2011

IntroComp 2011 released 13 games on 01-Jul:

May 2011 Game Releases

Non-competition games

2011 AIF Mini-comp

2011 AIF Mini-comp released 7 games on 19-May:

Indigo New Language Speed-IF

Indigo New Language Speed-IF released 10 games on 07-May:

April 2011 Game Releases

Non-competition games

The Challenge

The Challenge released 3 games on April 24:

Speed-IF Jacket 4

Speed-IF Jacket 4 released 8 games on April 16:

Spring Thing 2011

Spring Thing 2011 released 5 games on April 4:

March 2011 Game Releases

PAX East 2011 Speed-IF