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Software only appears on our recommended lists (e.g. Glulx interpreters or Authoring systems for Windows) if marked on the database as stable.

If you have used any of the following software recently and can vouch it being in stable, working order, then please do so!

You just need to create an account, go to the software page, click "Actions - Edit with form" and tick the relevant box.

Software Type Date Status
6 day Authoring system
Adventure Book Authoring system
Adventure Prompt Authoring system Unmaintained
Adventurescape Authoring system
Adventuron Authoring system 2021 Beta
AdvSys Interpreter Authoring system
AGiliTy Interpreter
Aimfiz Interpreter
Alan Authoring system 2021-09-21 Beta
AndroidIF Interpreter Unmaintained
AScape Interpreter
Ashminster Interpreter Authoring system
AXMA Story Maker Authoring system
Bas2inf Utility Unmaintained
Berzio Utility Unavailable
Borogove Authoring system
Bunyon Interpreter 2006 Unmaintained
CellarDoor Interpreter Unmaintained
CliFrotz Interpreter 2005-03-24 Unmaintained
CocoaTADS Interpreter Unmaintained
Cornerstone Utility 1985 Unavailable
Creative Adventure Toolkit Authoring system
Cugel Interpreter Unavailable
Curveship-js Utility Beta
Curveship-py Authoring system
Donjon FI Authoring system 2022-11-27 Beta
Eamon Authoring system
Elm Story Authoring system 2022-04-18 Beta
Emuera Interpreter 2019-01-28 Unmaintained
Eramaker Interpreter Authoring system 2005-12-26 Unmaintained
Escenadil Authoring system
Esclinux Utility April 2009 Unavailable
Fabularium Interpreter 2018-11-18 Unmaintained
Filfre Interpreter 2013-01-24 Unmaintained
Fizmo Interpreter 2017-09-10
Flashonate Interpreter Unavailable
Flaxo Interpreter Unavailable
FRISE Authoring system 2023-01-31
FrOz Interpreter Unavailable
Fweep Interpreter 2013 Unmaintained
FyreVM-web Interpreter 2016-10-18 Experimental
GAGS Authoring system
GAME4.0 Interpreter Authoring system 1990
Geas Interpreter
Gelek Interpreter 2021-03-11
GLUZMA Interpreter
Gnusto Interpreter Unmaintained
Gruescript Authoring system Beta
Guncho Utility
Hatrack II Authoring system
HTML TADS (Interpreter) Interpreter 2016-03-07 Unmaintained
HugoJS Interpreter
Hypedyn Authoring system
IFMapper Utility Unavailable
Incant Interpreter Unmaintained
Infuse Interpreter 2022-03-30 Beta
JACL Authoring system 2014 Unmaintained
Jade Authoring system
Jadis Authoring system
JAsea Interpreter Unmaintained
Jetty Interpreter 2002-12-04 Unmaintained
JFrotz Interpreter Unmaintained
JSZM Interpreter
Jzip Interpreter 2000-10-10 Unmaintained
Leaflet Interpreter Unavailable
Level9 Interpreter
Magnetic for Debian Interpreter Unmaintained
MaxZip Interpreter Unmaintained
Mini-Adventure Authoring system Unavailable
NgPAWS Authoring system November 2021
Nitfol Interpreter Unmaintained
Parchmap Interpreter
PSZM Interpreter
QSP Authoring system 2010-10-19
Rebot Utility
Rezrov Interpreter 2010-06-03
SAL Authoring system Unavailable
Salet Authoring system
SCARE Interpreter 2009-09-22 Unmaintained
ScottFree Interpreter
Seltani Authoring system 2015-12-07 Unmaintained
Slackifpy Utility
Smash Authoring system
StoryHarp Authoring system April 2018
StoryNexus Authoring system
Strand Interpreter Authoring system Beta
SUDS Authoring system
Superglús Authoring system
SWAN Interpreter Authoring system Unavailable
T.A.G. Authoring system 2003-06-06 Unmaintained
Taf2inf Utility 2009 Unmaintained
TAVERN Authoring system
Taylormade Interpreter 2016-03-20 Beta
Text Fiction Interpreter 2014-09-17 Unmaintained
Textallion Authoring system
Texture Authoring system
Thunderword Interpreter Unmaintained
Transmatte Utility 2010-03-04
Trizbort.io Utility
Twisty Interpreter Unmaintained